Friday, February 12, 2016

Our Drip History

One of the most effective way to replace lost fluid, especially in times of fever, is to administer intravenous infusion, commonly known as 'drip'. I only experienced my first drip when I was 19 years old serving my country as a young soldier in a military facility. It was a very common treatment given to soldiers during that time. I was barely conscious at that time when it was done on my arm.
Now, my youngest kid, barely 8 months old, hospitalized due to fever, got the same treatment. It was done to his foot instead of arms and he was crying and kicking and trying to pull it out. 

The question here is who do you think is in more pain? The kid or the father..?
My answer is: the father. The kid is already soundly asleep on the hospital bed. The father is still brooding  over it..The father decided to blog about it..心痛(heart pain).

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